What gives CAF a particular identity is that while offering its samples to a scale of national and international customers, the manufacturing processes have remained unchanged, as in the past. In fact, what characterizes the artisan production is that it is an art that is handed down almost unchanged from generation to generation.

In the CAF laboratory everything has remained as it was fifty years ago. The products are treated strictly by hand, the skin is stripped with the use of the knife, there are no seams, the shapes are given by folding and beating the leather on the last by hand, the gluing is made with vegetable materials, cold and with the wet leatherette. The natural glue forms a single body with the raw material and will never come undone. This manufacturing process gives the object its own structural rigidity which gives it a strong identifying value. The coloring is also of fundamental importance: the colors are all treated with natural pigments, the painting takes on different shades from artifact to artifact, which makes each piece unique.

This is the craftsmanship of Florentine leather, not to be mistaken with leather goods, a tradition of great value of which the masters Vasco and Fabio remained caretakers

CAF products are a mix of tradition, competence and experience that make them unique and inimitable.