Who we are


CAF is an artisan company specialized in the production of leather gift items. Its strengths are found in the proven experience of the master craftsman Vasco Capanni and in the entrepreneurial dynamism of his son Fabio.

The origins of the artistic leather processing date back to the early twentieth century: It's a story made up of shops, artisans, manual work handed down from the master to the pupil. It is precisely in this context that the art of working with the "Cuoietto Fiorentino", which represents one of the highest quality productions of the Florentine territory. The artisan shops represented the laboratory where ideas took shape and became inimitable objects. It is in one of these, in via Michelangelo Buonarroti in the heart of Florence, under the guidance of the Master Artisan Rino Peruzzi that the eighteen-year-old Vasco Capanni begins to learn the trade. While working, they love different leather items, his passion for the craft is born.

Here he learns a fundamental procedure for working leather: to wet and pull it to put it in shape, to color it in the desired color, to brown and polish it.

The experience acquired allows him to start his own business and in 1956, at the Mostra dell'Artigianato in Florence he receives the recognition of Maestro Artigiano. Since then its products have been known all over the world. The company received a decisive impulse with the commitment of his son Fabio, who learned the art from his father and brought dynamism and visibility to the company.